Official 2024 Training Program

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Get Certified, Get Hired, Start Driving !

Join the thousands of operators in and across the U.S. who have taken the next step in their career to become certified forklift operators.​

Javier P.

"Got hired 2 weeks after getting my certificate. Loving the job so far."


Sebastian S.

"I was worried cause I didn't have any experience, but the process was simple and straightforward."


Emily T.

"My husband has dyslexia so really liked that the training was videos. He also got a big pay increase from his last job at Amazon."

It's Time To Renew, !

Our records indicate that your certification has expired. If you intend to operate a forklift in or any other U.S. state in the next 3 years, renew now to receive 2023 Renewal Discount and maintain OSHA compliance.

, Enrolling Your Team Is Easy!

Join the thousands of organizations in and across the U.S. who are signing up their employees to get trained.

Step 1

After payment, you will be taken to your administrative dashboard. This is where you will input the names of the individuals you would like to enroll, as well as view their course completion status. Each person you enroll will receive an email with their username and password. If any or all of your users do not have an email, one of our customer support specialists will directly send you their login credentials.

Step 2

Each user can then login at their convenience on any device and complete the training. If you prefer to administer the training in a group setting, you can do so by simply showing everyone the training at once and then letting each person login to take the final exam. Once each person passes the final exam with a score of 70% or better, you will be able to access their certification document in your administrative dashboard mentioned above.

Step 3

Keep a copy of each person's certification for your records. Regardless of an individual's certification status, you as the hiring employer have a responsibility to deem each person competent to safely operate the equipment. This means evaluating each person to determine if they are of sound mind and body to safely perform their job. Click below to download an optional hands-on safety checklist you can go through with each employee. That's it, you're done! If you have any other further questions, please don't hesitate to contact support.