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OSHA Forklift Certification

& Online Training

Required by Federal Law for forklift operators in the U.S.

Certify yourself or your employees.

Providing compliance training to actively promote a safer and more educated workplace.

The National Forklift Foundation offers the certification & training required for organizations and individuals seeking to operate a forklift. The interactive video training course was developed to encourage a safer workplace, while satisfying all 2022 State and Federal OSHA compliance requirements.

Official Wallet Card

Receive your official certification card and get OSHA compliant. Once you complete your course and exam you will receive the official wallet card with a searchable QR code linking your unique operator ID to the global database. You or your employer will be able to validate your certification from anywhere in the world by scanning the QR code.

Mobile Accessibility.

After you register, login at your convenience to study the material on any device. When you feel comfortable with the material, you can then take the certification exam. Take it as many times as you’d like until achieving a passing score.
Forklift Certification Course On Laptop

Stay OSHA Compliant

The Forklift Operator training program has been developed to satisfy all requirements nationwide. We help you avoid penalties & injuries by ensuring the highest quality training material available. To verify an operator’s certificate authenticity, click the link below:

Trusted by Organizations

Join the thousands of organizations both small and large who have certified workers.
I didn’t have any experience driving forklifts, but my wife signed me up for the training so I could start applying for jobs. Getting my cert was easier than I thought and I ended up getting a job pretty quickly afterwards operating forklifts at a construction company here in town.

Chuck D

Forklift Operator - CT Construction

Toyota’s number one priority is safety. Managing a manufacturing campus of 10,000 employees, OSHA compliance is something we take very seriously. Mobile equipment safety is paramount, therefore we mandate forklift operators be competent and certified.

Kevin E.

Safety Manager - Toyota

Need Re-Certification?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 requires that Forklift Operators must complete the certification every 3 years. Also the Forklift Operator should receive a refresher course any time the operator is involved in a near missed accident or in an actual accident. Therefore, if you already have your certification and are looking to renew your forklift license you need to start the process again by creating an account and purchasing the training. However, it will be much shorter and easier for you to complete because you are have already been operating a forklift for some time. Please go here to begin your Forklift re-certification.

State Validation Checker

Below are the areas in which this certification is valid & accepted.


Enroll your employees or yourself in the training by clicking here


Complete the 1-hour online curriculum and test.


Automatically print Certification 


Yes. To apply for a job as a forklift operator, this course fulfills all requirements necessary. Once you have received your certificate, you will give it to your current or future employer and they will then administer the hands on training and sign your certificate as mandated by OSHA.

In order to start the process to become a forklift operator, you must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen

The requirements to complete certification include:

  • Completing a formal instructional & educational training class that meets OSHA 1910.178 standards
  • Completing a formal evaluation (online or in a classroom)
  • Presenting the written records of certification to a future or current employer for sign-off & approval

This course satisfies all of the  requirements mandated through the Occupational Safety Health Administration, and provides the written documentation needed to provide to an employer.

Yes, it is the law. The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA 1910.178 (i)(6)) requires all forklift operators be certified before operating a lift truck or warehouse product.

The reason this is mandatory is to help reduce the number of injuries due to unsafe operation of equipment in the workplace.

Yes, there is an option to watch the interactive training videos in Spanish.

Yes, you take take the training at your own pace. You can also take as long as you need to pass the forklift certification final exam, and once you register can take it on whichever day is most convenient. Furthermore, you can also take as many tries as necessary for you to pass the NFF final exam.

  • High lift trucks
  • Counterbalanced trucks
  • Cantilevered trucks
  • Rider trucks
  • Forklift trucks
  • High lift platform trucks
  • Low lift trucks
  • Low lift platform trucks
  • Motorized hand trucks
  • Pallet trucks
  • Narrow aisle rider trucks
  • Straddle trucks
  • Reach rider trucks
  • Single side loader rider trucks
  • High lift order picker rider trucks
  • Motorized hand/rider trucks
  • Rough terrain trucks

No, the certification program does not provide certification of the ability to drive. Instead we provide certification that our users possess to show sufficient understanding of how to properly operate a forklift. As a result, you can still earn your Forklift Operator Certificate even if you’ve made driving mistakes in the past.

No. It is NOT a requirement under federal OSHA law to own a valid driver’s license to operate a forklift truck.

While this written certification covers all of the different types of equipment mentioned above, it is still the responsibility of the employer to ensure that operators are trained and capable of operating the different brands & models of forklifts specific to each company. 

It is required that operators get recertified every 3 years.

For more information, contact your local or Regional OSHA office (listed in the telephone directory under United States Government – Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration). OSHA also has a Home Page on the Internet.


We now offer tech support via text-message.