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California Forklift Certification

What you need to know about getting licensed to become an OSHA compliant forklift operator in California.

If you want to get certified in California as a forklift operator, or need to certify multiple of your employees, this guide will take you through the steps of all that is required when obtaining a license to operate this machinery in CA.

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FAQ's about California Forklift Training

Do you need a certification to drive a forklift in California?

Ever wanted to drive a forklift? In California, you’ll need the proper certification before sitting behind that wheel. People often desire to work with machinery and heavy equipment because they’re intrigued by their potential for efficiency in various settings. But working on these machines requires specialized knowledge – so if you want to get your hands dirty in this environment, make sure it’s legal first!

Do you need a forklift certification to apply for a job in California?

Yes! There is one requirement specifically: employers may refuse employment of any applicant who does not possess an appropriate operator’s license issued. The state has strict requirements that must be met before obtaining the certificate and starting work, but at least we can help guide you through this process so there are no delays or hold-ups. 

Do you need hands-on training to apply for a forklift job in California?

No, you do not need hands-on training to apply for a job position as a forklift operator in the state of California This is because there’s plenty on boarding processes that are offered by employers and organizations when hiring new employees. New hires will usually get some form of classroom instruction before they’re put into an actual work environment with machinery throughout it which can be dangerous if somebody isn’t prepared beforehand – but don’t worry! There’ll be days or weeks worth of lessons waiting just for them during their onboarding process so they won’t have any trouble learning how to operate all those machines safely.


Enroll in the California Forklift Operator Online Course

Once you have decided that a career as a California forklift operator is for you, the next step should be to enroll in the online training course. This course consists of animated videos and quizzes which will prepare you with everything necessary to pass your certification exam!

Or if you prefer to learn more about the course before enrollment, click here to learn more.

Is this training online?

The computer-based training makes a great option for those who want to learn on the go.

The mobile device is an integral part of modern life and has become increasingly important in professional settings, so it’s only natural that this type of learning would be available anywhere you have your phone or tablet handy.

How much does the certification cost?


What topics are covered in this course?

The course is broken up into 5 topics – each designed to teach you the guidelines set forth by OSHA.

These five topics include:

  • Forklift Fundamentals
  • Forklift Inspection
  • Forklift Load Handling
  • Forklift Safe Driving
  • Forklift Stability

How long does it take?

Forklift driving is a difficult skill to master. The average course-taker will typically spend 2 hours perfecting the moves, but those with experience can finish in about an hour!

Do I have to pass an exam to get my certification?

Enjoy the process of learning everything you need to know about how to be a successful operator, and take your time in order for success. The online training videos are available 24/7 so that there is no excuse not to learn what it takes! When taking this exam please keep these tips in mind: read all questions before answering them; do as many practice tests as possible until you score well on each one, then yes you must pass with a 70% or better.

What happens after I pass exam?

This is your Official Forklift Certification document. This certification will include your name, date of issuance, the unique number and QR code that can be scanned by potential employers to authenticate this certificate’s validity.


If You Are An Organization: Learn About The OSHA Compliance Certification All Businesses Need in California

For those of you who are looking to get into the forklift industry, but need a little help getting started, this segment will provide helpful information on becoming a certified operator in California. Forklifts play an important role in ensuring that we can continue to live our busy lives and have access to all the things we need. The process for certification is not easy- it takes skill, patience and dedication. But with the right attitude and determination, you can make your dream come true! To learn more about classes offered: Click here.

California is a state that has long been favored by people who enjoy the warm weather and natural beauty of its deserts, mountains, beaches and vineyards. The coastline stretches from the Mexican border to Oregon’s northern tip with more than 400 miles of dramatic cliffs overlooking hundreds of pristine islands sprinkled across three different archipelagos. California occupies one-third or US territory in America including 640 thousand square kilometers populated mostly by 20 million residents living on an area twice as large as Texas! 

Do you need forklift certification in California? The answer is yes! If you operate a forklift without the proper training and certification, this could lead to an accident that might cause serious injuries. It’s not only your safety at risk; it’s also the safety of those around you. Forklift operators in California have to be familiar with the OSHA safety regulations as they required by law to follow these rules and it is their responsibility to know what they entail. 

Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks are powerful machines that can cause catastrophic damage if they aren’t used carefully. They should be operated by experts or people who have been trained in their use to avoid accidents, which could lead to injury of even death as well as billions of dollars worth of property loss. Forklifts pose a serious threat when not handled properly: those injuries often result in millions (or more) worth damages due to lost productivity from employees on the job site – so it’s important for all workers using them know how best operate them for safety’s sake! 

Becoming an operator doesn’t require being born into a family of equipment operators- with dedication and determination, anyone can become certified. There will be an estimated 32,600 more equipment operators by 2028. California boasts some of the most scenic and beautiful places in the world. If you’re looking for a place to start your forklift journey, this is it! Becoming a certified operator in California is not impossible- just take the steps to do it. With over 100,000 employees making up some of the largest industries in the state, skilled workers are always needed and needed now! If you’re thinking about starting your career as an equipment operator or have been operating for years but want to renew or become legitimately certified for the first time, National Forklift Foundation is here to help you every step of the way.

Once you become certified and ready to operate machinery like this it could lead to higher wages because employers know that operators who complete certification will be more qualified than those who don’t!  


Find a Forklift Job in California

Once you have your forklift certification, not only will it be easier to get a job with one of the many local employers in California but also as an added bonus more companies are using this certificate for determining which applicants best fit their needs. 

After you have obtained your forklift certification, apply for local jobs in your area and include the certificate on your resume to show that you are a qualified applicant. Many companies will use the qualification as an easy way of filtering out applicants who do not meet their requirements from consideration

Where do I apply?

It is time for a change. California has always been the land of opportunity, with many people moving there to take advantage of its booming economy and sunny climate. 

 To find these jobs go on Indeed, Google & LinkedIn – just don’t forget your resume!


Can I get hired if I don't have any hands-on experience?

Companies are always looking for new recruits. But even though you may feel qualified, the experience required to operate a forklift is usually nonexistent. This does not mean that your application will be automatically rejected if you have no previous work history as it falls on employers’ shoulders to provide all necessary training after hiring employees and most of them do so gladly!

When do I provide the certifcation to my employer?

Some employers will request your certification document after you are hired, and others will ask for it before hiring. Once they authenticate the certificate with the QR code or contact us to verify by using the certifications number we provide on our website, they can then hire you.