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Colorado Forklift Certification

Colorado Forklift Operator Licensing Requirements: What You Need to Know

If you are looking to get licensed as an OSHA compliant forklift operator in Denver or any of the other great cities of Colorado, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will outline everything you need to know about the licensing process and how to become certified. We will also provide a few tips on what to expect during your training. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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FAQ's about Colorado Forklift Training

In Colorado, do you need a certification to drive a forklift?

Yes. Before operating a forklift in Colorado, each employee must have OSHA-approved training.

In Colorado, do you need a forklift certification to apply for a job?

Although most employers demand that job applicants have their forklift training before applying, it is not required by the federal government.

Some businesses in Colorado will hire individuals who lack a certificate or prior expertise and instruct them through the certification process during the onboarding phase. If you’re looking for employment, getting your certification ahead of time may help you get hired faster

Do you require hands-on experience to apply for a forklift position in Colorado?

No, you do not need hands-on training to apply for a forklift operator position in the state of Colorado. Because most hands-on instruction and evaluation is typically given during the individuals work onboarding process, this is the case. Each individual’s competence to safely operate equipment effectively must be assessed and trained.

What are the procedures I must follow in order to obtain a license?

Read the instructions below for a more comprehensive guide to the procedure you must complete.


Take the Colorado Forklift Operator Online Course.

After you’ve decided to pursue a career as a forklift operator in Colorado, the next step is to complete the online training program. This course includes animated training videos, quizzes, and a final exam that will help you obtain your certification.

Or if you prefer to learn more about the course before enrollment, click here to learn more.

Is this course available over the internet?

Yes, the training is designed to be completed online. People may complete it on any device, including their phone, tablet, or computer.

What is the cost of getting this certification?


What are the topics addressed in this course?

The OSHA course is made up of 5 parts – each intended to meet the requirements set forth by OSHA. These topics include:

  • Fundamentals
  • Inspection
  • Load Handling
  • Safe Driving
  • Stability

How long does the course actually take?

1 hour is the typical time required to complete the course for operators with no prior forklift expertise. Individuals with previous knowledge, on the other hand, typically finish in about 45 minutes.

Do I have to take a test in order to receive my certification?

Yes, you may take the last online exam once you’ve watched all of the training modules. The exam is available to take an infinite number of times, but in order to obtain your certificate, you must score 70 percent or higher.

Okay, you what?

Once you’ve completed the exam, you’ll receive your Official Forklift Certification certificate. Your name, date, certification number, and QR code will appear on the certification.


If you're an organization, learn about the OSHA compliance certification that all applicable companies in Colorado need to have.

The Colorado labor market is a great one with booming tech heavy cities like Denver and beautiful year round vacation destinations throughout the rest of the state. There is certainly no shortage of construction and warehouse jobs that would require a forklift certification. To apply for these types of positions, most employers will require that applicants have an OSHA-approved certification. With that said, let’s take a look at how you can get certified to operate a forklift in Colorado.

There are two ways that you can become certified to operate a forklift in Colorado. The first way is to complete an online forklift training program like this Click here.

This training program is in compliance with the OSHA lift truck standard and will cover all of the topics that OSHA requires. Whether you are a veteran operator or new the content is valuable as you will You will learn how to safely operate a forklift, the proper way to load and unload materials, and how to communicate with other people who may be working around you and quite a bit more. 

This is by far the most common way to certify as when the course materials are complete and the exam is taken you will be able to bring the certification to your employer for a practical evaluation. This is super important as OSHA requires employers to ensure their operators are competent in the work environment on the specific machinery. Think about it, it wouldn’t do anyone much good to get certified on a forklift manufactured in 1997 if your companies lift was built in 2022. 

The other method is to get certified through the employer itself. Many employers will have their own in-house training and certification process for new or existing employees. If your employer offers this type of program it’s worth looking into as you may be able to get credited for prior experience or get a raise upon completion!

If you are between positions the online option is usually great as you can give yourself a legup on the competiton by showing up with cert in hand. If you need more details on ‘How to get forklift certified’ you can find them in this article


Find Forklift Work in Colorado

In 2022 Colorado had a lot of open positions for forklift drivers and the average pay was $17.32 per hour. That wage is estimated to rise drastically in the future as the state’s economy continues to grow. There is a tremendous need for talented drivers and logistics and warehousing operations in the state will continue to grow. Colorado’s economy is thriving and is becoming one of the most business-friendly states in the country. If you’re looking for a stable career with good pay and prospects for advancement, then becoming a certified forklift driver in Colorado is a great option.


Where/How do I apply?

There are many options in searching for a job in Denver and surrounding cities . You can use websites like,, and others to find a job that matches your qualifications.

Can I get a job without prior hands-on expertise?

Yes, it is not unusual for forklift job applicants to have no prior practical experience. Employers are ultimately responsible for providing you with on-the-job training necessary to do your job safely after you’ve been hired.

When should I give my employer the certification?

After you’ve been hired, some employers will want your certification certificate, while others will request it before you start work. They may authenticate the document by scanning the QR code or calling us to verify the document using the certification number after they receive it.