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Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and is home to amazing sports teams such as the Houston Astros and the Houston Rockets, as well as world-renowned performing arts organizations such as the Houston Symphony and the Houston Ballet. The city is also known for its incredible food scene, with James Beard award-winning chefs and restaurants serving up everything from Tex-Mex to Cajun cuisine.

Houston has many employers and is constantly looking for warehousing and logistics positions along with forklift operators! They are the main source of many industrial and general laborer jobs. Some of the largest employers in Houston are in the energy, healthcare, and education industries. These include companies like ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Marathon Oil Corporation, Sysco Corporation, and Halliburton. 

You have an opportunity to take an OSHA compliant certification course and work at any of the many employers in and around Houston. This page will provide general information regarding OSHA standards and how getting your forklift certification can be a major step in your career!

Completing this course will help you Know:

Who is the course for?

Indeed recently ran a study where they interviewed We asked 151,002 job seekers about their Forklift Certification. Here are the results that came in from the survey:

  • 58% of job seekers said “required for my current job” was the biggest reason for earning their Forklift Certification
  • 75% said earning their Forklift Certification helped them make more money
  • 72% said earning their Forklift Certification helped them get a job
  • 96% said they would recommend a family member or friend earn their Forklift Certification


So in short the certification is for anyone who works as an operator, wants a better job and wants to get a raise. 

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Learning Path

With a solid understanding of forklift safety, learners will be able to identify basic key features on the lift and recognize technical components like speeds. They’ll also learn about load handling practices that are safe for their equipment as well general rules-of thumb when it comes operate these machines in order not put themselves at risk while working with them!

Interactive Module and Videos 20 Min  + 2 Min Quiz

Inspection of the forklift is a must before and after using it. The pre-op exhaustive inspection should be done by an expert in this field to avoid possible damages or injuries which can cause serious inconveniences for your business’s operations, so make sure you find out who does that kind work at hand! You’ll need inspections for both operational conditions: checking belts/pulleys; brakes (including bleeding), steering system etc…
mechanics also have their own way on how they prefer doing these tasks depending if it’s gas powered vs electric driven models but either way expect them all over again during every visit since there might not always

Video 15 Min  + 2 Min Quiz 

learners will be able to recognize the key features of a safe forklift, identify technical components involved in its operation and maintenance practices for those who want more information on this topic. They’ll also learn some general safety rules that should always guide you when driving or using one of these machines while stating specific things not allowed due carelessness such as exceeding weight limitations etc…

Video 18 Min  + 2 Min Quiz

The forklift driver should be aware of the area they are operating in and how other vehicles, pedestrians and objects will affect their path. It is important to know that on any surface with poor traction or an incline there can easily come into contact with another object causing injury which leads me onto my next point – safe operation while climbing stairs
The key here being careful not only about what you’re stepping on but also yourself since falls from height cause far more damage than just some sprained ankles! Don’t forget your safety gear either–a helmet would definitely help protect against possible cuts if nothing else does.”

Video 22 Min  + 2 Min Quiz

The forklift is an essential tool in any modern workplace. If you want to be safe, it’s important that your stability and handling skills match up with what the machine can handle – otherwise things might turn out badly for all parties involved! There are many different factors affecting whether or not a given load will work well on one particular model of lift truck over another; some small tweaks could make much difference between life-threatening failure.

Video 25 Min  + 2 Min Quiz

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