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Nevada Forklift Certification

Interested in getting your forklift license? Well, you're not alone. There are a lot of different industries that require workers be able to safely and effectively operate these machines - everything from manufacturing plants to warehouses. In Las Vegas and greater Nevada there is no shortage of employers who could use someone like you! The Nevada OSHA has provided this handy website so everyone can easily navigate the process for obtaining their certification here:

If you’re a forklift operator in Nevada or need to certify multiple of your employees, this guide is for you. This official OSHA-compliant manual will show you step by step what it takes and then some!

This official guide will walk you through what Nevada OSHA regulations require for forklift operators and certifying multiple employees.

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What are the benefits of Nevada Forklift Training?

Do you need a certification to operate one of these behemoths in Nevada?

Yes, but it’s not just the operation of a forklift that OSHA is concerned about. They also require training on how to deal with various safety hazards and emergencies.

 A forklift is a machine that helps move large items from place-to-place by lifting them up onto the forks and carrying them. It can help with loading and unloading boxes, pallets, crates or other heavy materials quickly. Not only does it make work easier for everyone on your team but also makes sure everything gets where they are supposed to go without harm done! To drive this impressive equipment safely there must be no more than two people operating at any given time so as not to risk injury during an accident. Do you have what it takes?

Is there a forklift certification requirement for new hires in Nevada?

Employers are willing to hire inexperienced folk looking for a job, but they expect these novices to receive their forklift certification before applying. The Nevada-based companies in question will either enroll the applicant into an online course during the onboarding process or provide them with onsite training that can take up as much time as is needed. If you’re interested in being one of those millennials who’s experience spans from working at retail and scavenging through trashcans, make sure your resume has all sorts of certifications!

While most employers require job applicants have obtained their forklift certification prior to applying, it is not legally required by law nationwide. Some Nevada based companies offer new employees without any past experience and will enroll the employees in training during the onboarding process.

Do you need hands-on training before applying?

Nevada requires that no hands-on training is needed for applying to become a forklift operator. This is because the hiring organization provides this type of instruction during onboarding, and Nevada law mandates these types of trainings be provided by employers.

What do I need to do to become a forklift operator?

Check out the steps below for a much more in-depth look at what you need to do to make it happen. 


Enroll in the Nevada Forklift Operator Online Course to fulfill your requirements for a forklift operator course.

If you’re looking to become a Nevada forklift operator, the first step is enrolling in our online training course. This certification will give you an edge over other job seekers and prepare for your future career as a qualified professional!

Or if you prefer to learn more about the course before enrollment, click here to learn more.

Is this training course delivered online?

Keep up with the times! Yes, this training is intended to be completed online. Individuals can take it on any device of choice; including their phone, tablet or computer.

How much money?


What topics are covered in this course?

The course is broken up into five topics – each intended to satisfy OSHA requirements. These include:

  • Forklift Fundamentals
  • Forklift Inspection
  • Forklift Load Handling
  • Forklift Safe Driving
  • Forklift Stability

What is the time commitment?

For those who are experienced in forklifts and only need this refresher training will finish much quicker than newcomers; spending just one hour completing the material that typically takes two for most people without any prior experience.

Will I be required to pass a test to receive my certification?

Yes, after you have watched all the training videos, it’s time to take your final exam. This is a simple 30-item test that can be taken as many times as needed. All you need for this step are an internet connection and 70% or better in order to receive certification!

I passed the exam, now what?

You will receive an Official Fork Lift Certificate good for 3 years that will include an image containing your name, date, certification number, and QR code that your employer will use to validate the document. 


If You Are An Organization: Learn About The OSHA Compliance Certification All Businesses Need in Nevada

Las Vegas has always been known for its gambling and entertainment, but it’s also a growing industrial center. Las vegas is home to many warehouses and distribution centers that are located in various locations throughout the city. There are over 1 million square feet of warehouse space with plenty more room for expansion. With all this growth, there’s no doubt that Las Vegas will need even more forklift operators in the future! Luckily, getting certified as an operator isn’t too difficult or expensive at the National Forklift Foundation.  Click here.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 requires that forklift operators must complete certification every 3 years. Las Vegas NV is part of the Nevada Department of Industrial Relations which means that Las Vegas forklift operators must complete a certification program through National Forklift Foundation. Certification classes are offered 24x7x365 and typically take just one hour to complete.

The state of Nevada has a population of just over three million people, with Las Vegas being the biggest city. Las Vegas NV is home to a number of companies that focus on material handling and warehousing like Action Industries.

There are many different reasons why someone would want to get their forklift certification in Las Vegas Nevada including: having an interest in materials handling; wanting more job security.

Nevada is home to sporting teams such as the Las Vegas Raiders and Las Vegas Golden Knights, as well as a number of golf courses.

Las Vegas Nevada is home to companies that specialize in materials handling equipment like Action Industries. There are many motivations for getting a forklift certification, such as interest in material handling or needing stability.Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada, and Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas was established in 1905, making it one of the oldest cities in Nevada. It’s also home to some of the world’s largest hotels like MGM Grand Las Vegas and The Venetian Las Vegas; while other major attractions include museums.

Here is a list of some reasons why Nevada is great:

  • The cost of living in Las Vegas Nevada is low compared with other major cities like San Francisco and New York.
  • Travel to Nevada and experience the fantastic mountain views.
  • There is no shortage of wildlife in the area.
  • Nevada is an open-range state and that means you can see a wide range of plants and wildlife along the highways.
  • An assortment of activities await visitors to Nevada, the Silver State.



Locate a Forklift Job in Nevada

As of 2020, Nevada ranked one of the top 10 states in America for forklift operators. 68% percent or more than half a million people are employed by this industry in Vegas alone!

As you might have guessed, Las Vegas was built on gambling and entertainment which both require lots of manpower to keep it running smoothly 24/7. With so many high-rise construction projects happening at once all over Sin City these days there’s no shortage of jobs where workers can make money quickly.

Once you have obtained your forklift certification, it’s time to start filling out job applications. Make sure that when applying for a position, include any certifications on your resume- many Nevada companies will use these as an indicator of who has the most preferred qualifications and skills necessary for their positions.

Where do I apply?

With a population of just over 2 million, Nevada is looking to its local staffing companies and other common resources like & LinkedIn for the talent they need in order to fill open positions such as forklift drivers that would be eligible candidates with enough experience or certification.

Is it possible to get hired without any hands on experience?

Yes, New forklift operators are often inexperienced with no previous practical experience. However, the employer will provide you to a hands-on training after hiring so that your work is done safely and more efficiently.

When will I need to present my certification to my employer?

Some employers will request your certification document after you are hired, and others will request it before you are hired. The employer will be able to  verify that all of the information is accurate on our records by scanning a QR code or contacting us with an employee’s number from the certificate.