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Pennsylvania Forklift Certification

Everything you need to know about getting licensed to become an OSHA compliant forklift operator in Pennsylvania.

If you’re looking to get your forklift certification in Pennsylvania, it’s important that you take the time now to read this guide. This will provide step-by-step instructions on what is required by OSHA and how best for a business owner can work with their employees towards meeting these regulations. It should be noted that the Pennsylvania OSHA-approved forklift safety standards apply to private sector workers located within the state. Private and public sectors are not covered by federal OSHA.

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FAQ's about Pennsylvania Forklift Training

Is a certification needed to operate a forklift in Pennsylvania?

Yes. You must complete OSHA-compliant training before you can legally operate a forklift in Pennsylvania.

Do you need a forklift certification to submit an application for a job in Pennsylvania?

Forklift certification is not federally required, but it does help you get a job more quickly. In Pennsylvania there are some companies who will hire individuals without prior experience or forklift training and enroll them in the online course during their onboarding process.

In order to apply for a forklift job in Pennsylvania hands on experience required?

When you apply for a job as an industrial forklift operator in Pennsylvania, there’s no need to worry about the time commitment and cost of attending training seminars. This is because your new employer will provide hands-on instruction during your onboarding process while also assessing competency on machinery safety standards before taking up any work with heavy equipment.

what steps are needed in order to become an operator?

Take a look at the steps below for a much closer look at the process you need to take. 


Enroll in the Pennsylvania Forklift Operator Online Course

Once you have decided to become a Pennsylvania forklift operator, the first step is enrolling in online training course. The courses consist of animated videos that cover everything from operating manual and safety guidelines for operators all the way up to loading & unloading so one can gain an official certification!

Or if you prefer to learn more about the course before enrollment, click here to learn more.

Is this training conducted online?

You can now complete your training from the comfort of your own home. This course is accessible on all major devices like a phone, tablet or computer!

what is the price of the certification?


What is covered in this certification course?

The course is split into 5 topics – each intended to satisfy the requirements set by OSHA. These topics include:

  • Forklift Fundamentals
  • Forklift Inspection
  • Forklift Load Handling
  • Forklift Safe Driving
  • Forklift Stability

What is the estimated completion time?

The forklift safety course is a rigorous and comprehensive training program that can take 2 hours for operators with no previous experience to complete, but one hour or less for those who have had some practice.

Am I required to take and pass an exam to receive my certification?

Yes. Having watched all of the training videos, you should be ready to take your final exam! In order for your certification to recognize and credit you with passing this course, it must pass with a score of 70% or better.

After I pass the exam, what happens?

 You will receive your Official Forklift Certification, which includes all of the information you need to know about gaining certification. It also comes with a QR code that can be quickly scanned by employers in order to authenticate it’s authenticity and will verify any information they might have questions about like date or certification number.


Learn About The OSHA Compliance Certification All Businesses Need in Pennsylvania if You Are An Organization

The Pennsylvania OSHA forklift certification program is designed to prepare operators for safe operation of all types of industrial and construction lift trucks. Pennsylvania OSHA forklift safety training includes information about the vehicle, loading and unloading, operating procedures, hazards associated with these vehicles, and how to recognize them. Pennsylvania OSHA forklift training also covers emergency situations such as rollover stability, low clearance drops or ramps, electrical power lines near the truck’s movement area and other potential hazards. Pennsylvania OSHA forklift certification training is intended for operators of all types of industrial and construction lift trucks. Pennsylvania OSHA forklift safety standards are enforced by Pennsylvania law in the workplace.

– Pennsylvania OSHA forklift certification program prepares operators for safe operation of all types of these vehicles, including those that could be found on job sites throughout Pennsylvania

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The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 states that all forklift operators must a re pass a course and get their certification every 3 years

Pennsylvania OSHA forklift certification program prepares operators for safe operation of all types of these vehicles, including those that could be found on job sites throughout Pennsylvania.  This video demonstrates examples of unsafe users. View Video

Pennsylvania is a state in the North Eastern region of the U.S. Pennsylvania law requires that employers provide training to employees who operate industrial or construction lift trucks in order to prevent injury and death. The Philadelphia area is home to a variety of industries, including automotive manufacturing and engineering, food production, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology research. his makes for a booming economy and a great place to find jobs.

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Philadelphia is ranked third in the top ten cities for office space, Philadelphia has one of the lowest unemployment rates on our list at less than seven percent

– Philadelphia’s climate is humid subtropical . The city experiences mostly moderate weather throughout much of the year.  In winter time, temperatures usually range from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 55 degrees Fahrenheit but it can get as cold as 18 degrees Fahrenheit during a typical Philadelphia winter day. It snows an average of 20 inches per season which most likely occurs between December and March. You get to experience a variety of beautiful seasons and wonderful weather if you chose to live in this city.

Living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is truly an amazing experience and getting/staying certified as a forklift operator is a critical milestone in your professional development.


Find a Forklift Job in Pennsylvania

As of 2020, Pennsylvania is trending as a state to watch for forklift driver jobs. In the next few years we are going to see an increased demand in job opportunities like this with all sorts of industries coming up including construction and manufacturing companies requiring more workers.

With your forklift certification in hand, you are now armed with the qualifications necessary to apply for local jobs. You’ll want to make sure that this certifications is mentioned on your resume as many Pennsylvania organizations will use it as a way of determining which applicants have preferred qualifications and skillsets best suited for filling roles.

Where is a good place to apply?

The state of Pennsylvania is overflowing with opportunities for people to work as forklift drivers. With companies like Indeed, Google & LinkedIn being just a few examples of the many resources available on-line that offer listings and hiring information in your local area, it’s no wonder why so many employers are looking to find qualified workers from these sources first!

Can I get hired if I have little to no hands-on experience?

Yes. When you start your first day of work on the job, it’s usually up to the employer and their team leader to provide all necessary training before they let new hires out onto a warehouse floor. Forklift jobs are no exception as someone with zero practical experience is hired every single year by companies everywhere because of this high demand for workers in this field.

When do I give my forklift certification to my employer?

Some employers will request your certification document before you are hired and others will request it after. Once they have verified the authenticity, they can add it to their digital database which is shared with other companies for future hires who might need that specific credential in order to qualify for a job opening.